Survey of India to mark the interstate borders at Bellari forest Region

Oct 18 2020 12:13 PM
Survey of India to mark the interstate borders at Bellari forest Region

The official team of the Survey of India has started to mark the inter-state border between Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in the Ballari reserve forest area on account of the instructions from the PMO's office. The team will submit the report soon. The officials said the survey has to be taken afresh as the inter-state boundary markers of the villages Tumati Vithalapur, Malappanagudi and Siddapur have been destroyed. 

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A mining activists Tapal Ganesh has notified the  PMO over the delay in fixing the border near Tamati and Obulapuram. The Supreme Court ha sissued an order to mark the boiundary between the states as the existed markings in Tamati on the Karnataka side and Obalapuram on the Andhra Pradesh was changed by a mining comapany. The Apex Court has asked the Survey of India to conduct a survey and fix the inter-state boundary accurately. The matter was taken to the PMO as officials were not serious about this issue and got a positive response, said the activists. 

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Earlier in 2018, a 20 member team led by the additional deputy surveyor general from the land survey department of the union government has surveyed the iron ore mines on the border between Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh to check the mining boundaries due to charges of Mining Company destroyed the state’s border to its advantage for mining purposes and resulted in dispute over the mining boundaries between Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka governments.

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