Survey will be done for NPR with census from May 16

Feb 20 2020 06:10 PM
Survey will be done for NPR with census from May 16

There will be a survey from May 16 for the national NPR along with the census in Himachal. Apart from this, Chief Secretary Anil Kumar Khachi has issued instructions to all the Deputy Commissioners. The Chief Secretary gave instructions to make people aware. Said that all information can be kept confidential. It is the responsibility of every citizen to give accurate information to the census officer. Apart from this, his personal information will remain confidential. With this, the court will also not appear as evidence. Census information is very important for development works. Required for development plans and other works. This information is also used a lot in restructuring etc. The Chief Secretary presided over the one-day state-level conference of Himachal Pradesh Divisional Census Officers and Principal Census Officers in the context of Census of India-2121.

Workshop conducted by Census Operations Directorate. The divisional and principal census officers were trained in the listing of houses and the calculation of houses. Along with this, he instructed the Divisional and Principal Census Officers to complete the census work within the stipulated time period with full dedication. At the same time, he has also directed to appoint field trainers in all the districts. Director Census Operations Dr. Sushil Kapta gave information on the background of the census, its importance and legal provisions. It is said that in the first phase, listing of houses and counting of houses and updating of National Population Register will be done from 16 May to 30 June.

Apart from this, in the second phase, from 9 to 28 February, there will be the work of population calculation in the general areas. With this, the revision period will run from March 1 to 5. The census work in the snow-covered border areas will be from 11 to 30 September and the revision round will run from 1 to 5 October 2020. The first phase of house listing in Himachal has been scheduled between 16 May and 30 June. It will contain a questionnaire. It will be delivered from door to door. Will be filled Not only through paper but it will be done electronically. Mobile app will be used for this.

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