Surya Grahan 2024: When Is The First Solar Eclipse, Know About Date-Time, How Will It Affect The Zodiac Signs?
Surya Grahan 2024: When Is The First Solar Eclipse, Know About Date-Time, How Will It Affect The Zodiac Signs?

In 2024, astrology enthusiasts are in for a treat as the celestial calendar is marked with significant eclipses. Just like the preceding year, 2024 is set to witness four eclipses. Among these, the initial lunar eclipse will grace the skies on March 25, followed by the year's premier solar eclipse on April 8.

Solar Eclipse on April 8: Unseen but Impactful

Scheduled for April 8, the first solar eclipse of 2024 holds a pivotal position in astrological discussions. Falling within the Pisces zodiac sign, this eclipse carries a profound astrological significance. However, despite its astrological weight, this event won't be visible in India. The eclipse is slated to commence at 9:12 PM on April 8, stretching till 2:22 AM on April 9, Indian Standard Time.

Spanning a total duration of 4 hours and 25 minutes, this eclipse will be a total solar eclipse, with visibility restricted to the South Pacific Ocean, North America, Mexico, United States, Canada, and partially in Costa Rica, Aruba, Dominica, and Jamaica.

Impact on Zodiac Signs

Astrologically speaking, the upcoming solar eclipse bodes well for Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Leo signs. For these zodiacs, favorable outcomes are anticipated, including career advancements, new opportunities, and financial gains. Professionals may witness salary increments and promotions, while businessmen might seal lucrative deals. Additionally, positive news regarding children may brighten the atmosphere for many.

Understanding Solar Eclipses

Solar eclipses hold significant importance in both astronomical and religious contexts. When the Moon interposes between the Earth and the Sun, obstructing sunlight, a solar eclipse occurs. In Hindu tradition, eclipses are viewed as pivotal celestial occurrences.

Guidelines During Eclipses

During eclipses, certain precautions are advised. It's cautioned against looking directly at the eclipse without proper eye protection. Religious practices during the "Sutak" period are discouraged. Additionally, refraining from consuming food or water during the eclipse is advised, with the recommendation of adding basil leaves to food and drinks. Avoiding cutting hair and nails, and pregnant women abstaining from sharp objects are other suggested precautions.

Dates for Eclipses in 2024

First lunar eclipse: March 25, 2024
Second lunar eclipse: September 18, 2024
First solar eclipse: April 8, 2024
Second solar eclipse: October 2, 2024

Surya Grahan 2024: India's Solar Eclipse Alert - Date, Time, and What You Need to Know


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