Surya's film "Akasham Nee Aadhura" is ready for release soon

Oct 30 2020 04:27 PM
Surya's film

This picture was based on the 670-page 'Simple Fly' book. We have used only four important parts of it and a 120-page story. The content comes in 7 hours if the book is made a film. That's why we have taken the main parts and made the film in 120 minutes. Even after 38 films, this film has made a new experience to me. How much I am connected to this story.

Sudhani I met in the 'Yuva' film time. She was then working as assistant director at Mani Ratnam. I enjoyed doing the film in her direction. Not just myself, we worked very sweetly with sudha with the other 250 people in the team. Sudha's discipline and her grip on the craft worked so well with all of us.

It was a pleasure to work with a legend like Mohan Babu. He said, 'I am doing the film' as soon as he hears this story. This is an example of the great people making quick decisions. It is really great to correct himself by asking the director that he learned his dialogues the day before and asked the director that 'Emma this dialogue is like this'.

The akasham is asking for a remake of 'Thy Bordera' in Hindi. If i remake, I will not do the role of Chandramahesh. I will do a different character. In the present situation, it is best to release the film in otty. There is no other way. The theater, sound, the audience's applause is definitely missing. I am not.. When will everyone get normal? They are waiting.

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