Sushant Singh Rajput is the Bad boy of Bollywood

Apr 06 2019 03:00 PM
Sushant Singh Rajput is the Bad boy of Bollywood

Surviving in Bollywood is not an easy task. Especially, when there are no godfathers or fewer people promoting you. Although with new age filmmakers the scenario is slightly changing but still “miles to go before I sleep.” So how far can he enjoy the taste of success? Especially after too many females have a complaint about being accused of sexual harassment that is part of becoming #me too.

Welcome to the life of Sushant Singh Rajput a biopic of controversies. Sushant has always been someone with troubled affairs or getting into the limelight for the wrong reasons. Recently, a new name in Me Too movement was added, when lead actress and debut star Sanjana Sanghi accused him of sexual misconduct on the sets of Dil Bechara (Indian remake of Fault in Our Stars). Sushant made it so uneasy for the star that she literally had to walk out from the sets of Dil Bechara for which later denied. But how far can an actor go to make things chaotic for someone who is fresher like he was once? He should have been a role model teaching her style of Bollywood rather than making things uneasy for her.   

But if that's not all why does he always have to have an affair with his co-actors? His longest running relationship with Ankita Lokhande might have seen success if he was calm. But on the contrary, he got slapped by the actress and accused him of being a womanizer. Sushant left Ankita when he was at the peak or at least was getting the appreciation. And later the best justification he could give was she thought he was boring. But what sources revealed that he left her for his next co-star Kriti Sanon. And the entire B-Town knows how successful their relationship was. After Raabta bombed on box office, both started denying the relationship. But like they the one who makes the mistake always try to cover it up by showing the good face. And so did bad boy Sushant. Maybe that's the reason why he always desperately messages “all the best” to his ex-girlfriends or co-stars.

The way Sushant has screwed her equation with Sara is another example of his desperation to seek control on his partner. The media has made it clear that the act was a result of his jealousy from Kartik Aryan. Sushant is forgetting that Sara is old enough to choose whom she wants to be with. The childish act of follow/ unfollow he is playing on Instagram will only hamper his image. It is obvious that Sushant who treats his co-star as the trophy he takes in bed got what he wants from Sara. But Sara is mature enough to stay committed to her career rather than getting into a relationship with a man 10 years elder to him. Maybe this is the reason why Sushant is angry because apart from he is not able to get anything else. He is not able to get that command over her life, since from her father to mother to her well wishes non have approved Sushant as the Mr. Charming.

The career of Sushant Singh Rajput was never great it’s just going in right direction as he is working. But his habit has somewhere showcased how Bollywood is slowly sidelining him with a number of projects he is getting. And one of the reason can be his behavior. Like the recent case of getting involved with co-star (Sara Ali Khan) who was again new to Bollywood. Although, this time he forgot that the girl he is trying to woo, doesn’t come from a normal background. Both her parents know industry like a blueprint and know where to correct their child. Maybe that is why Daddy Ali Khan ensured that she chooses someone else in Bollywood rather than going after an elder actor who is already in a soup for his chaos. Sushant is turning out to be a wolf in Bollywood trying to impress young girls with his charm. Why is Sushant so desperate to be sugar daddy even when he clearly knows that the other person is saying Big NO?

Sushant has always been in doubt when it comes to moral values. The man who rides without a helmet obviously thinks he is above law. But how right is it to treat women like object and always play with their heart for one’s own greed and fame. His movies might have helped him to make an image in the heart of audience but his behavior is definitely turning out to be as bad as the people who need to learn that women can’t be treated as per mood.

His affair with Sara is not something which has set a good example in Bollywood. Having an affair is routine but practicing something that can raise a question on one's moral values is bad.  And the way Sushant has misbehaved or always portrayed to be the guy in an affair with co-stars, his ethics are always at questions.

People can avoid but to a limit and with limited hits already his career can also downplay. 

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