Arrested from Rajasthan, accused of providing intelligence to Pakistan

Jaipur: A suspected man has been detained by an intelligence team from the Chandhan area of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan on Thursday. The man has been detained on suspicion of being trapped by the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and sending confidential information of the army and air force across the border and spying for ISI. He is currently being questioned and his mobile. is under investigation.

It may be mentioned that the Indian Air Force has a field firing range in the Chandhan area of Jaisalmer. The operational activities of the Air Force continue here for twelve months. In such a situation, Pakistan's intelligence agency keeps on it. According to official sources, ISI always tries to trap the foreman, former foreman and many other locals to gather information about the areas of Jaisalmer like Lathi, Chandhan, Pokaran, Khetolai etc. In the same vein, Nabab Khan, a local man in the Chandhan area of Jaisalmer, was trapped by Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and tried to get strategic information from the army and the air force.

Sources said Nawab Khan's son Dite Khan has also visited Pakistan three or four times in kinship. He is said to have come in contact with an ISI official on his way to Pakistan. Here he was lured and prepared to send confidential and strategic information of the Indian Army, Air force.

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