Hrithik's ex-wife Suzanne's bag trends on social media, the price will blow amaze you

Sep 18 2019 02:48 PM
Hrithik's ex-wife Suzanne's bag trends on social media, the price will blow amaze you

Bollywood stars often make headlines for their expensive things. But at the same time, the wife of actors who stay away from films, but due to their hobbies, they often remain in the discussion. Similarly here we are talking about Suzanne, ex-wife of Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan who is in discussion about her bag. Recently she appeared in Mumbai and her bag with her will grab your attention too.

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Well, who can forget the painting Monalisa and her mysterious smile, prepared by the famous Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci? Many people are its fans and now if this painting is made on his handbag, then its value also becomes in crores. It is the same with Susan. During this time, her handbag with Suzanne's simple looks caught everyone's attention in Mumbai. On the handbag that Suzanne carried, there was a famous Monalisa painting of Da Vinci.

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Suzanne was wearing a plain black top and gray canvas shoes with blue denim. But listening to the value of her bag, you will definitely lose your senses. Suzanne Khan carried the Da Vinci Monalisa tote bag, the most popular masters of the world-famous luxury brand Louis Vuitton, which has been produced in collaboration with American artist Jeff Koons. The price of this bag is 4538 dollars i.e. about 3 lakh 25 thousand rupees. Now you can think about how expensive small bags are.

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