Suzuki Increases Production of its 2022 Brezza in July

According to a report by Livemint, Maruti Suzuki is planning on increasing the production volume across its three factories in July, the production will be the highest in the last 22 months. The news comes after the increasing sales of its sport utility vehicles as well as an easing of supply chain issues that will help in increasing production. 

The auto giant aims to produce approx 180,000 units of vehicles including 11,000 units of the newly launched 2022 Brezza SUV at its factories situated in Gurgaon and Manesar, as well as at its contract manufacturer Suzuki Motor Gujarat in Ahmedabad, according to the report, citing sources. In the previous month, the company manufactured around 155,857 units. 


The company with its 2022 Brezza SUV plans on targeting the younger car-buying audience who have been leaning in favor of sub-compact SUVs in recent times. The price range of the car is around Rs 7.00 lakh to Rs 13.96 lakh. 

Company Executive Director Shashank Shrivastava told Livemint that Maruti Suzuki’s presence in the SUV market is at sub-optimal levels. However, the country’s largest automaker is hoping that the SUVs will help it recapture its lost market share. At the end of March 2022, the company’s market share dropped to 43% from its initial 47%. He further added, “We have only two out of the 47 SUV models in the industry. We need to do better to get to 50% market share,” 

When asked about the new Brezza, Shashank said that the company is estimating that the model will earn well in the market. Managing Director and CEO of Maruti Suzuki Hisashi Takeuchi said, “This model is the first offering in our upcoming vibrant SUV portfolio.”

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