Swami Om called Rohan Mehra 'gay'

Jan 31 2017 02:35 PM
Swami Om called Rohan Mehra 'gay'

The Dhongi Baba of Bigg Boss season 10, Swami Om since his eviction from the show has been defaming not only the makers but also the host of the show Salman Khan too. And now he has started talking bad about the inmates of the house.

In an interview, he claimed that he has slapped Salman Khan. Then he insulted Bani J and called her a woman of bad reputation.

Moreover, he has not stopped here and added on that Salman Khan had a physical relation with Rohan Mehra who is a gay.

He told that a contestant Nitibha took drugs and made it out with the boys and Manu and Manveer with Mona Lisa as well.

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