Swami Vivekananda won everyone's heart with this speech in Chicago, know special things
Swami Vivekananda won everyone's heart with this speech in Chicago, know special things

As you all may know, Swami Vivekananda was born on January 12, 1863, and his real name was Narendra Nath, which later became Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda was a very brilliant philosopher and whenever he is spoken, there is definitely a discussion of his speech given in the religion parliament of Chicago in America in the year 1893 and today we are going to talk about that speech. We are going to tell about that speech which presented India with a strong image in front of the whole world. Let us know the special features of that speech.

1. He had said- American brothers and sisters, the affection with which you have welcomed me has filled my heart. I thank the world's oldest saint tradition and the mother of all religions. I thank you on behalf of lakhs and crores of Hindus of all castes and sects.

2. He said- I also want to thank some of the speakers who spoke on this forum, who showed that the idea of tolerance in the world has spread from the countries of the East.

3. He said- I am proud that I belong to the religion which has taught the world the lesson of tolerance and universal acceptance. We not only believe in universal tolerance, but we accept all religions as true.

4. He said- I am proud that I am from that country who gave shelter to the persecuted people of all religions and all countries. I am proud that we have cherished in our hearts the sacred memories of Israel in which their shrines were destroyed by the Roman invaders and then they took refuge in South India.
5. He said- I am proud that I am from a religion that gave shelter to the people of Parsi religion and is still helping them.

6. He said- I want to recite the verses that I have memorized since childhood and which millions of people repeat every day. "Just as rivers, originating from different places, finally meet in the sea through different paths, in the same way, man chooses different paths with his will." Though these paths seem different, they all go only to God.

7. He said- The present conference which is one of the most sacred gatherings till date, is itself a testimony to this preaching in the Gita: "Whoever comes to me, whatever it may be, I am I reach People choose different routes, face troubles, but finally reach me.

8. He said- Communalism, bigotry and religious persistence of its terrible descendants have held this beautiful earth for a long time. They have filled this earth with violence and how many times this earth has become red with blood. Do not know how many civilizations were destroyed and how many countries were destroyed.

9. He had said- If these dangerous monsters were not there, human society would have been much better than it is now. But his time is now over. I hope that the bugle of this conference will destroy all bigotry, dogma, and miseries. Whether it is with a sword or with a pen.

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