Synthetic blood:Innovative milestone or playing God !

A milestone in scientific developments came into picture when a group of scientists in the UK claimed to have discovered the right way to manufacture synthetic blood and said that they have even tasted some success in doing so. The National Health Services of UK announced its decision to start experimenting on synthetic blood in 2017 on a group of 20 people.

But in the midst of the appreciation the scientists received for their commendable advancements, there were a few religious groups that come forth to voice their criticism as they consider synthetic blood against natural laws and just another way in which human beings are riding on the wagon towards an unnatural and unsustainable future that will have catastrophic results. 

Furthermore, people believe that with the introduction of synthetic blood, there will be a wide division between rich and poor as these enhancements are bound to be expensive and out of reach of the general population, they argue that only the well-offs will be able to benefit from them. Also, what is interesting to note here is that when asked in a survey, a lot of the general population chose NOT to go for these man-made enhancements.

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