Syria: Terrorist attack on army bus, 13 killed

Baghdad: Two major bomb blasts have been reported in the Syrian capital Damascus. An army bus was targeted and attacked with a bomb, killing 13 armies. According to media reports, 3 people were also injured in the attack. Some pictures of the scene have also surfaced showing the Army bus completely destroyed. Two roadside bombs exploded near an army bus while it was passing by.

The attack reportedly took place in the morning when people were heading to their offices and schools. It said two explosive devices exploded while the bus was on its way from the Haphez al-Assad bridge. While a third device was defused by the Army's engineering unit, it avoided further damage. Authorities have termed it a 'terrorist' attack. This year, Islamic state (IS) militants in eastern Syria have carried out several attacks on army vehicles.

The war in Syria began in March 2011, killing more than 350,000 people so far and displacing half of the country's population, with 5 million living abroad as refugees. At the same time, the economic condition of the country is also not correct. A lot of civilians have also died in government attacks. The government and the military of other countries supported by it have attacked schools and hospitals targeting rebels. Which has led to the death of ordinary citizens. At the same time, the general public loses their lives in attacks targeting army and government officials.

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