T Series to win the youtube battle against PewDiePie battle?

Feb 02 2019 11:18 AM
T Series to win the youtube battle against PewDiePie battle?

The battle between India’s musical giant T series and Swedish content creator Felix Kjellberg has been going on since 2018.  The subscriber gap between these Two narrowed down to one lakh (one hundred thousand) in the early hours of Saturday. PewDiePie was just 1.06 lakh subscribers ahead.

PewDiePie held the mantle for six years now. However, earlier last year, T Series shot up from mere 30 million subscribers to over 80 million.

T- series was founded by late Gulshan Kumar in 1990s, is already the most-watched YouTube channel with over 60 billion views.

The followeres of PewDiePie who called pewds themselves, began a massive mission to beat T Series. Pewds went out of their way to gain more followers, indulging in online campaigns. Some even hacked worldwide printers, Google Chromecasts, smart TVs and defaced Wall Street Journal.

The Latest to come out in PewDiePie's support is Elon Musk - the founder of SpaceX, Tesla, Hyperloop, The Boring Company, and Neuralink, and UK Independence Party (UKIP), a Britain-based right-wing political outfit.

The experts claim that It's just a matter of time that T-Series overtakes the independent Swedish content creator.

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