Taha Mohamed Ahmed : An Arab entrepreneur, transformed into Bollywood Actor

Being ambitious, optimistic and positively passionate are the major peculiarities of the successful businessman. It seems easy to lead a business which you get from your Father, but it is the most mystifying task. 

Taha Mohamed Ahmed is one of the peculiar business personalities. He is so passionate about his money and expanding his business that he is leaving no stones unturned. He was so diligent about earning his own money and be unfettered, that he started for his own at the age of 15. He managed to open a small shop for dry food and animal supplies, this small shop got bigger and right now they are 3 big shops in Egypt that are called zoo food. And now that he is established he had turned this business into charity, showcasing the positive side of his alluring personality that money is not the only thing which gives happiness. His father is a very successful business man who started from scratch. He created an aboalnasr company for construction and built almost 6000 living units and later started building resorts but he rented it out as he was scared from getting into the managing field but Taha being very optimistic and with a practical vision for expanding the business, came up with an idea of managing hotels rather than renting them out and he did that 3 years ago, by creating their first company for managing and owning the hotels which is Hawaii hotels and resorts. He managed to handle the company while studying as aim still a construction engineering student with minor business in the American university of Cairo.

Now in order to broaden his Horizon, he is working to expand his business and On the other side of his life, he is even interested to work with Bollywood and it's somewhere or the other an easy task for a young and handsome personality like Taha. He has already started working on it and is leaving no stones unturned to make his dream come true. He has got the lead role in his upcoming project and that is a movie which is going to release soon, the shooting has already started in some dream destinations like Dubai and Egypt. The movie "ZINDAGI AISE BADALTI HAI" revolves around the life of a rich business personality who has a business empire built on his own efforts, the film will showcase the turnover of his life. It can be called his luck or something that he has got such a relatable character to work on.

Wishing him all the very best for his peculiar vision of embellishing the business and work on its expansion.

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