Take a walk here enjoying tea with tourism

Dec 29 2018 11:59 AM
Take a walk here enjoying tea with tourism

Garhwal: The initiative of the Uttarakhand Tea Development Board has succeeded in transforming the Shyamkhet tea plantation into an important tourist destination during the last one year. Entry fee for tourists has been fixed. It has also started earning. Over one lakh tourists have arrived in the last one year. Shyamkhet tea plantation was developed in the area of ​​12 hectares in 1994-95. Then the purpose was only tea sales. Then gradually the area started developing as tourist destination. Keeping this in mind, the Uttarakhand Tea Development Board decided in January 2018 that the entry fee of 20 rupees was now put in the plantation. 

In addition to an effort to reach the Kolkata tea market, the
Board sold about three thousand kg of tea. The price of good quality tea in the gardens is 1200, 800 and 600 rupees. This has generated an income of around 25 lakh rupees. Now the intention of the board is to bring the tea here to the Kolkata tea market. On the lines of this plantation, the Tea Development Board is now preparing to open the tea gardens of Niglat, Padampuri, Ganyaikal, Nathuvakhan, Betalghat and also for tourists. 

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