Take care of these 3 ways if the skin turns black in the cold

In cold weather, people's skin starts to turn black. Skin care is very important. Yes, sometimes in cold weather, the problem of black spots on the skin or black (Skin Darkness Due to Cold) of the entire skin appears to be increasing. In such a situation, we sometimes wonder why our skin turns black in the cold. So today we tell you the reason for this and the ways to avoid it.

Use sunscreen - There are many people who stop using sunscreen as soon as the cold weather begins. They stand in the sun for hours without applying sunscreen. This causes the skin colour to turn dark and therefore always use sunscreen in winter as well.

Do drink enough water - people reduce their water use first in winter. However, it has a very bad effect on our skin. In fact, the body is deficient in water and can also cause dehydration (Dehydration Problem). Not only that, it also makes the skin bar look black. Try to consume as much water as you can.

Don't forget to use moisturizer - don't forget to use moisturizer to keep skin healthy in winter season. In fact, in cold weather, the skin starts dry and bursting due to cold air. This is followed by dark spots on the skin. The use of moisturizer helps to keep the skin healthy by keeping it hydrated.

From soap to coconut oil, take care of your skin in winter with these 5 ways

Apply this oil before going to bed at night, stains will disappear

If the heels are cracked then apply ​homemade crea

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