Take care of your health with increasing age

Jul 01 2020 10:07 AM
Take care of your health with increasing age

We are all aware of age and health. Knowing this, we do not pay attention to it and are negligent. Sometimes our good food and casual lifestyle serve to spoil the relationship of these two completely. The effect of which is very rapid on our health. With increasing age day by day, health also starts to decline and in which even a little carelessness can lead to many new diseases. If we pay attention to this, we can reduce the impact of the problems in old age to a great extent.

With increasing age, body parts also become weak due to which the problems of the digestive system are also very disturbing for the elders. Commonly the troubles they face are constipation, stomach gas. A major reason for these problems is that due to the weakness of teeth and jaws, the elderly are unable to chew in a manner that does not produce the necessary electrolytes to digest food in their saliva. Breathing problems also increase with increasing age. Due to which elderly people keep their mouth open while eating food, due to which air enters the air along with the food, due to which the speed of functioning of the intestines slows down. In addition, there is a one-way valve between our food pipe and intestine, which opens on one side. With ageing, this valve becomes loose and it opens on both sides. By this, some food goes inside the intestines and little comes back out. For these reasons, the elderly have frequent problems like belching and indigestion.

It is important to drink more water and eat fibre-rich items like oatmeal, oats, papaya, pomegranate, guava, apple and orange regularly. It is important to keep oiled food and junk food. Drinking a good amount of water before going to the toilet makes it a habit to walk for some time. You will not have to apply pressure with this.

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