Taking Care of a Family Member Suffering from Stomach Flu? Take These Precautions

Aug 08 2019 01:30 PM
Taking Care of a Family Member Suffering from Stomach Flu? Take These Precautions

To put it simple, stomach flu is plain nasty! Once you have it, the agony continues for 8-10 days while leaving you exhausted. Stomach flu can affect almost everyone and cause symptoms including weakness, nausea, fever, vomiting and diarrhea. Gastroenteritis or stomach flu is highly contagious as long as the symptoms are prevalent. So, when someone in the family is suffering from stomach flu, others need to take optimum care of their health to avoid getting infected. Germs are quick to spread and can leave anyone rushing to the washroom every other minute. 

stomach infection is one of the worst illnesses to encounter, and often we see people saying that they don’t wish it for even their worst enemy. However, there are times when people are unknowingly spreading the germs. It’s a good idea to know when it is spread to keep others around protected. Start by washing hands using Dettol hand wash to fight germs optimally.

Stomach Flu and How It Spreads?

Marked by abdominal cramps and watery diarrhea, stomach flu results when one ingests contaminated water or food and encounters an infected person. Stomach germs spread with close contact and mostly when an infected person shares food or utensils with a healthy one. Not following proper hand hygiene is another common reason behind the spread of the virus. Thus, those suffering from stomach flu should wash hands using Dettol hand wash after every visit to the bathroom. Keeping a small bottle of Dettol hand sanitizer always by the side will help fight germs even when rushing to the washroom isn’t a possibility.

It’s not just physical contact that aids in the spread of germs; small particles of vomit and stool can also be passed from person to person. Thus, making the other party sick.

Precautions to Take When Taking Care of a Stomach Flu Patient

Follow these steps to prevent the spread of germs when taking care of an already infected person. 

  • We have said it earlier, and we are repeating again. Keep hand hygiene in check by using Dettol hand wash that offers ten times better protection. Do this after using the washroom, before cooking and after eating food, handling garbage and caring for a sick person.
  • If hand wash and water are not available, use Dettol hand sanitizer.
  • Vegetables and fruits should be washed thoroughly when preparing for the sick.
  • Sick members should be kept away from the kitchen and coming in physical contact with others.
  • The sick person’s room floor and bedding should be properly washed with disinfectants to kill any active germs that may be present.
  • Drink a lot of water and up your intake of alkalizing foods.
  • Make raw Apple Cider Vinegar your best friend and drink a concoction of ACV and water every 12 hours. 

Though it is difficult to often stop the spread in places like day cares where people come closely in contact, prevention is any day better than cure.

Your Health Is in Your Hands!

Though your life will be revolving around the sick person, it is inevitable to take good care of your health. No one wants to go through this unpleasant illness that can cause serious complications if not dealt in time. Stay away as much away as possible from the sick person and take good care of hands as well as overall hygiene. Make it a habit of washing hands using Dettol hand wash after any activity that required to touch the sick person. Stay alert, stay safe!


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