Taliban delegates meets representatives of the United States, 7 other nations in Oslo

According to media reports, a visiting Taliban group met in Oslo with leaders from the United States and seven other countries to discuss Afghanistan's economy, humanitarian aid, security, and healthcare.

According to Taliban Foreign Ministry spokesperson Abdul Qahar Balkhi, the three-day conference began on Monday, with representatives from the United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Italy, France, Qatar, and the European Union staying (EU). Balkhi stated in a tweet: "The meeting's topics included the economy, humanitarian relief, security, central bank operations, health, and other essential topics. The conversations are still ongoing, and a full report will be available soon."

The US special envoy for Afghanistan, Thomas West, indicated on Sunday evening, a day before the conference, that Washington and its partners were looking for solutions to solve the continued humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan, according to media sources."

As we work with friends, partners, and relief organisations to solve the humanitarian crisis, we will maintain an open dialogue with the Taliban about our concerns and our long-term goal in a stable, rights-respecting, and inclusive Afghanistan "he stated According to political analysts, such gatherings might be crucial in resolving the country's problems.

Professor Sayed Baqir Mohseni said, "There is a need to take a positive step within Afghanistan for the development of an inclusive and sustainable government." On Sunday, the Taliban gathered with members of Afghanistan's civil society, including women, to discuss the country's current situation.

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