Taliban hanging people from helicopter? Watch This Viral Video
Taliban hanging people from helicopter? Watch This Viral Video

Kabul: The U.S. has left Afghanistan after a 20-year-long battle. On August 30, the U.S. Army returned completely, during which many of its weapons, vehicles, and aircraft were also released in Afghanistan. After this, the Taliban's killer game on Afghanistan has now begun. Amid speculation about the Taliban rule, a video has gone viral on social media on Tuesday where a man can be seen hanging from a helicopter is making headlines on social media.



Social media claims that a helicopter was flying over the airport after the withdrawal of U.S. troops, with a man hanging from it. It was claimed that the Taliban had punished the man for helping the US army, and the Taliban had started showing their true face. Contrary to this claim made in the international media, Afghan journalists have presented a different truth to the viral video.



Actually, the helicopter on which this person was hanging was an American helicopter, Hawk. Everyone was stunned when local journalists told the truth of this video, aside from the claims being made about Taliban punishment on social media. The man who is hanging on the helicopter was doing the work of putting up a flag about 100 meters high. That is, no punishment was being given to him. The person hanging is a Taliban terrorist, who was hanging to raise the flag. It was hung with the help of a helicopter so that the flag could be easily raised at such a height. However, he could not succeed in the attempt made by the man.

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