Taliban to Ban Opium Production in Afghanistan

Kabul: Foreign forces are continuing to return from Afghanistan, and the Taliban, the terror group, has now turned to form its government. The Taliban is bringing about many changes in its rule and people have started to inform about it. There is a major change in the same that opium cultivation has now been banned in Afghanistan.

The Taliban has ordered farmers in several villages in Afghanistan not to cultivate opium anymore as it is being banned in the country. According to media reports, the highest number of opium cultivations are done in Kandahar and surrounding areas, where farmers have now been asked to stop it. The Taliban's order has begun to take effect, with opium prices rising in the Afghan market. Because people know that the future of opium is not decided further. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid mentioned in a press conference that drugs would not be allowed under Taliban rule.

According to reports, the price of opium was $70 per kg after the Taliban decree. Directly from $200 per kg. Has reached. The Taliban's decision also surprises because for a long time it has been the largest partner in the business itself. The Taliban used to recover from opium cultivation in different parts of Afghanistan, a major source of income for the Taliban.

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