Taliban plan to reopen girls' high schools in March

The Talibani govt has decided a new academic year in Afghanistan begins in March, which also happens to be the first month of the new solar year.

Aziz Ahmad Reyan, an official for the Ministry of Education, said in a statement on Sunday that the Taliban are dedicated and enthusiastic about reopening schools for girls, and that they are working on it "seriously and ceaselessly." Reyan asserted that the Taliban was creating a secure system for girls by banning girls from taking high school classes.

"We have paid the salaries of female teachers since the Taliban has no objection to females' education. For females, we will recruit more female instructors "The spokesman said to the media.

The spokesman went on to say that they were focusing on strengthening the capability of female instructors and that they wanted to increase the number of female teachers so that only girls were taught.

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