It's 'forbidden' to do comedy in 'Taliban' Reign! Comedian brutally murdered by slitting throat, video goes viral

Kabul: With the capture of major areas of Afghanistan, the Taliban have begun to show their brutality. A few days ago, the Taliban brutally killed Nazar Mohammad, a Khasha Zwan, a popular comedian in the country, in Kandahar province. Now the terror group has released a pre-murder video that shows the comedian being slapped. Mohammed, who was looking at the faces of the people in the war-torn country, was dragged out of his house by Taliban militants and then brutally killed.



Taliban sluggers are conducting door-to-door searches to find and kill people working for the government in Kandahar province. Afghan media quoted a source as saying that Nazar Mohammed was thrown out of his house and killed. He was murdered on July 23. His family members have blamed the Taliban for the murder. However, the radical Islamist group has categorically denied involvement in the incident. According to media reports, the comedian had earlier worked with the Kandahar police.

The video shows Taliban terrorists putting comedian Nazar Mohammad in the car. Taliban fighters are sitting in the car with weapons and slapping the comedian. In its house, they are also seen saying something to Mohammed, who is seen in the local language. Media reports say the Taliban first picked up the comedian from his house and then tied him to a tree. He was then strangled to death. They then threw the comedian's strangled corpse to the ground and left.

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