Taliban's woes mount before govt is formed, 'civil war' could erupt in Afghan

Kabul: Fears of a renewed "civil war" have started to erupt after the Taliban unexpectedly seized Power in Afghanistan. However, so far, such reports have proved misleading. Tell you that "civil war" refers to a situation when the rebels and governments of the country are facing each other. But now that there is no government in Afghanistan, there is little fear of a civil war in principle at the moment.

However, the Taliban's path is not looking easy after it takes power. The challenge of former sepoys could add to the Taliban's woes. In 2001, not only the US-backed Northern Alliance, but other local commanders and political leaders were also challenging their authority by removing the Taliban from Kabul. But in 2021 the Taliban came to power by agreeing with local organizations to come together or remain neutral. Now that the Taliban is trying to establish a government and a regime, it is possible that these organizations may oppose being under the Taliban.

They may express outrage over the lack of autonomy, or see political and economic gains in opposition to the new system in Kabul. Yet none of these groups have a Taliban-like national reach. And unlike in 2001, they do not even have the support of any external power in Afghanistan. So Afghanistan's future seems to be in limbo. If the Taliban gets legitimacy, its ground will definitely be strengthened, so there is no national alternative to Afghanistan's troubled throne at the moment.

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