Tamarind will understand Aryan's trick

Sumbul Taukir Khan starrer TV show 'Imli' is having a series of twists these days. You must be watching him promoting him from Imli's boss on the show and demotionof Aditya. Aditya will now report to Imli in the office. The promotion has further strained The relationship between Imli and Aditya and makes Aditya very sad when he comes to know about it. Then Aditya folds his hands in front of Imli and says, "You are our senior and you are so kind to us." You are really great, ma'am. You are better than not taking anything for us. If you complain to the boss about it, I'll get a position even below that. Do You Know After a few days I can also be seen washing his car? Then Aditya says, "Whatever I have done is being avenged." On the other hand, Imli  tears well up when she hears Aditya's words'.

She begins to wonder why the boss did it. Now you are going to see aditya in the upcoming episode After listening to Aditya, Imli  angrily enters her boss Aryan office and asks why all this was needed. This is the first time the boss has seen someone getting angry with his promotions, says the boss. Imli says, "Knowing that Aditya is my husband, why should i misbehave with him?" Not only that, Imli even tells the boss that you are using aditya as a weapon to vent any of your old enmity with him. Imli, further tells boss Aryan, "It is my use to promote and demotion Aditya at the same time."

Aryan explains to Imli that all the employees are the same for him and he is not taking revenge for any enmity. However, Imli has a hard time saying that she does not want to be Aditya's senior in any case. On the other hand, Aditya  demotion is also known to the family. Malini supports Aditya  when he reaches home. In the meantime, she says, everyone thinks about Imli, but not Aditya. No one understands Aditya's feelings. It's not been just a week since Imli joined the office and she got a promotion, she says. Where does this happen? In the meantime, she raises doubts about something going on between Imli and her boss. Meanwhile Aditya defends Imli and says 'It's not like that. Imli has been promoted because of her ability and hard work. '

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