10-year-old innocent girl raped by landlord's son

Jun 21 2020 02:25 PM
10-year-old innocent girl raped by landlord's son

Chennai: Coimbatore Police of Tamil Nadu has registered a case against 2 boys under various sections of the POSCO Act. Both the boys are accused of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl several times. According to the report, the victim girl lives with her father. The girl used to go to her landlord's house to watch TV. Recently, she said that she had abdominal pain, after which she was examined. After the harassment, the girl was so scared that she was not letting anyone come near her.

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The doctors were taken aback when the girl was taken to the hospital for examination. They came to know that the girl has been sexually assaulted many times. The doctors immediately informed the police regarding the incident. The police, in its investigation, found that the girl's owner's son and two of his friends have committed the misconduct of sexual harassment. This incident was going on for the last several days. The accused had threatened the girl not to tell anyone about it.

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The police have detained two accused, aged 16 and 17, for questioning, while the investigation of the third is on. After getting information about the incident, he is absconding.

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