Tamil Nadu BJP protest over Virudhunagar rape incident

The Tamil Nadu State government should not stop at simply transferring a sexual abuse case reported in Virudhunagar to the CB-CID, but should also allow the police to act freely so that women can have faith in the police that they will act quickly and impartially in criminal cases, according to BJP State President K. Annamalai.

He was speaking at a protest meeting here on Thursday in response to the rape of a 22-year-old lady by eight people, four of whom were adolescents.

Tamil Nadu's political parties, which have been vocal in their condemnation of rape instances recorded in other states, have been deafeningly mute on this atrocity that has shocked the entire state. Women had little protection under the DMK's reign, as evidenced by a succession of such occurrences documented in the State. "While we used to take pleasure in the fact that occurrences like the Nirbhaya case would never happen in Tamil Nadu, the current cases have embarrassed us all," Annamalai remarked.

The woman would have remained silent because the two major suspects in the case were DMK members, assuming that the police would not proceed against the ruling party's men. "Why hasn't the DMK spoken up to demand justice for this victim?" Annamalai had inquired.  Annamalai said that the BJP staged the protest in Virudhunagar to bolster faith in the victim and to show that the party was behind her, and that he was seeking compensation and a State government job. The BJP leader further pledged that the Centre would fight the issue in the Supreme Court in order to keep the fireworks operation going.

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