Mud floor to be built for Parvati at Madurai Meenakshi temple

Jul 22 2021 08:48 AM
Mud floor to be built for Parvati at Madurai Meenakshi temple

On Wednesday, Dinamlar, a local media in Tamil Nadu, said more soil will be provided on the floor of the popular Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple to make the stable of an elephant named Parvati better. In fact, the state government has devised a strategy to give more mud floors to elephants present in all the temples.

Parvati recently developed a cataract in one of her eyes. After receiving his health report, Hinduism and Charitable Endowment Minister P Shekhar Babu, local ministers P Murthy and Palanivel Tyagarajan along with experts from Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Veterinary University inspected the temple and treated Parvati's eye disease.

The vet also said that the 24-year-old elephant had suffered from eye disease due to dehydration. However, prolonged treatment by experts is helping her and cataracts are disappearing rapidly. It may be noted that the Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple dedicated to Goddess Meenakshi and his wife Sundareshwar is one of the oldest and most beautiful temples in Tamil Nadu. Spread over 14 acres in the heart of Madurai city, the temple is made of granite stones. A few years ago, a portion of the granite floor in the temple was removed and soil flooring was done at the same place to provide relief to the elephant living there.

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