Violence with a 17-year-old girl for not becoming a Christian, victim commits suicide

Chennai: The case of suicide of 17-year-old student Lavanya in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu is now gaining momentum. This incident is on Wednesday (January 19, 2022). The girl's family has alleged that she was harassed and beaten up by the hostel warden as she refused to convert to the Christian religion. The victim had consumed poison only on January 9, 2021. She died after 10 days of treatment. A video of the girl is also becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which she is telling that she was tortured for not converting.

Talking to the media, the girl's parents said that on Monday they got a call at 9:45 am. They were asked if Lavanya was their daughter, upon assent, they was told that she was not in good health and was vomiting. The father was asked to come and take him home. Till then the father was not even told that his daughter had consumed poison. For the next two days, he kept roaming in the hospitals with Lavanya. Lavanya's family members said, 'My daughter was forced to commit suicide after being harassed and harassed for her Christian conversion. It was only from the hospital reports that my daughter had consumed poison. I was told that make your daughter like us, then she will fall, reach a high position and will get respect in society. Those people were my neighbours since then pressure was being put on me too. Threats were made that if someone told anything in this regard, they would spread rumours about my daughter's character.

The parents said that Lavanya was also forced to clean toilets, cook food and manage accounts as she refused to become a Christian. Family members said that being labourers and poor families, the police administration did not take their complaints seriously. He explained that there are three more children in the house, how they will be educated. They demanded that the culprits be sent to jail and also to seal the Christian school immediately.

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