Tamil Poet Piraisoodan alleges "AR Rahman's mother asked him to wipe Tilak before entering her house"

Aug 01 2020 01:31 PM
Tamil Poet Piraisoodan alleges

Chennai: AR Rahman recently came into the limelight saying that a whole gang is working against him. Now a statement by Piraisoodan, a Tamil poet and lyricist, has surrounded Rahman again in controversy. Piraisoodan described how Rahman's family had expressed their intolerance to Hindu traditions and its symbols.

Explaining in relation to an incident, Tamil poet and lyricist said that AR Rahman's family had expressed their contempt for Hinduism in his presence. He said that "He had met Rahman at a government function where Rahman remembered that the two had worked together before. According to Piraisoodan, Rahman wanted to revive his old relationship and this is why Rahman asked him to come to his house to write a new film song. When Piraisoodan reached Rahman's house on his invitation, Rahman's mother told him that 'when he comes to her house, he should not apply Kumkum Tilak".

However, Piraisoodan refused. Kumkum is applied on the forehead by Hindus, especially in South India. Rahman is born a Hindu. However, he and his family converted to Islam after his sister and father fell ill, and a Sufi asked him to convert to Islam to save the girl's life. Only after this did Dilip Kumar become AR Rahman and his mother Kasturi Shekhar became Karima Begum.

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