Tamilnadu: P Mamata Banerjee married to 'Socialism', know about this special marriage

Jun 14 2021 03:45 PM
Tamilnadu: P Mamata Banerjee married to 'Socialism', know about this special marriage

Chennai: A unique case has come to light in Salem, Tamil Nadu. Here, a young woman named P. Mamata Banerjee has married a young man named Socialism. Communism (Communism), Leninism (Leninism) and Marxism (Marxism) were present as Baratis on the occasion of marriage. It may sound like a political joke, but such a marriage has really taken place.

The 29-year-old groom has a BCom degree and runs a silver anklet business. The groom's father Mohan is the district secretary of the CPI party in Salem. He named his son socialism after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Let us tell you that the groom also has two other brothers, namely Communism and Leninism. The groom's father Mohan said he had thought of giving such names to his children even before getting married.

According to the information, the two got married during the extremely normal ceremony. Both the families are happy after marriage and the groom said that their names are linked to political opponents but it will not affect their personal lives. The bride and groom said they had received congratulatory messages from those who knew them and thousands of unknown people. The two look extremely happy with this wedding.

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