Woman and two children found dead in Tamil Nadu

Aug 11 2020 01:16 PM
Woman and two children found dead in Tamil Nadu

Chennai: Recently a heartbreaking incident has come out from Tamil Nadu. Two children and a woman have died due to the explosion of mobile here. This case is being reported from Karur in Tamil Nadu. Where the mother and her two children have died due to a mobile burst. According to the information, 29-year-old Muthulakshmi was charged on mobile charging and she was also listening to the phone at the same time. As soon as the call was disconnected, the mobile reportedly exploded.

In this case, it has been told that Muthulakshmi scorched in the fire after the mobile burst and at the same time there was also 3-year-old Ranjit in the room and 2-year-old Dixit. Both were also seriously injured in this incident after which all three were taken to the hospital. After reaching the hospital, the three have been declared dead. In this case it has also come to light that Muthoolakshmi and Balakrishna were married six years ago and both were living in Karur for the last few years.

Both used to run a food stall, but after the debt increased Balakrishna left the family. Only Muthoolakshmi was the only one who was carrying the burden of her family but due to Corona infection her earnings were affected. Due to this also his family was struggling with financial crisis. Soon after getting information about this case, police reached the spot and started investigating the case.

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