Kangana Ranaut furious at Tanishq, saying, "Not in the interest of Hinduism"
Kangana Ranaut furious at Tanishq, saying,

An ad from jewelry company Tanishq has been taken under siege on social media platforms at this moment. The ad was said to promote terms like Love Jihad and there has been a huge protest on social media. After which Tanishq had to remove the ad. Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut's reaction to the whole issue has also come to the fore. She is also protesting against Tanishq and has reacted to this ad.

Kangana expressed her views on the ad and wrote, "The concept of ad was not as wrong as its execution was wrong. A Hindu religion girl was married in a Muslim family. The girl is asking her mother-in-law in an alarmed voice that this ritual is not considered here, so why is it happening again? Isn't she from that house? Why does she has to ask this? Why is she looking so muffled in her own house? Shameful" Kangana didn't even stay there. After which she did two more tweets on the issue. Kangana, from many other points of view, criticized Tanishq's ad. She said, "This advertisement is wrong in many ways. A Hindu daughter-in-law has been living with the family for a long time but is accepted when she is about to give birth to a heir to the house. So is it only a baby machine? This advertisement not only promotes love jihad but also promotes gender discrimination."

Cautioning People: In addition, Kangana cautioned the Hindu people, "As a Hindu, we have to stay away from this artistic style of terrorists who are trying to bring about such a change in our emotions. It has become very important that we test every single mindset around us thoroughly and try to find out how much this kind of ideology can affect us and how much we can do. This is the only way we can save our civilization."


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