Tannishtha Chatterjee's accusation on racism is defended by Krushna Abhishek
Tannishtha Chatterjee's accusation on racism is defended by Krushna Abhishek

The comedian Krushna Abhishek spoke about all the accusation made on his show Comedy Nights Bachao regarding racist comedy on Parched actress Tannishtha Chatterjee. See below what Krushna has to say about the issue:

"If she feels offended by something, I apologise from our side. We never want to hurt anyone deliberately. 'Comedy Nights Bachao' is of a roast format. Roast doesn't mean that we say just anything to anyone...

"I had asked Tannishtha, if she has seen the show, she said she doesn't watch TV as such. So, she has no clue about the show. So I took another example and asked her if she had seen AIB Roast? And she hadn't seen that either. I told her that since it's a roast, there will be some leg pulling, but we don't insult. Had we been insulting, the show won't have come so far."

Krushna added, "When a show comes, 90 per cent people praise the show, but then 10 per cent say they didn't like it. So maybe she didn't like the format."

"When Varun Dhawan came for 'Dilwale', Varun himself came up to me and said that he is very excited and looking forward to the roast. Even SRK chose to come to our show for 'Fan'," he added on the acceptance of roast by other stars.

Also he apologized to her:"I don't know what hurt Tannishtha, because I wasn't performing then. But I apologise if it has hurt her, though it wasn't a deliberate attempt."

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