Shooting for Bhojpuri film 'Target' started, know star cast

Shooting for Bhojpuri film 'Target' started, know star cast

The trend of making films on the title of South films from Bollywood to Bhojpuri screen has started nowadays. Every producer makes films on different titles, producer Raj Kumar B. Kanaujia started making this film. In the past, the film's inaugural has been done with enthusiasm in AK Live Recording Studio Bhayandar. 

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The film 'Target' is going to be made under the banner of  Ram Siya Film Production and Arpita Film Production, the film is produced by Raj Kumar B. Kanaujia and director Dhananjay Tiwari while co-producer Dinanath Sahni alias Chhotu, writer Viru Thakur, music by Om Jhaa and Shyam Dehati, Vikash Chandravanshi, DOP A. Belmurgan, and promoter is Sonu Nigam. Action King Vishal Singh, Mushkan Raj, Madhu Singh Rajput, Dhama Verma, Rohit Pushkar, Ajay, Bal Govind, Arjun Yadav and Umesh Singh, as the name of the film, suggests that the film is action-based.

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The film will be a gift for the Bhojpuri audience. The director of the film, Dhananjay Tiwari, says that the music of this film will also be its plus point, in which good songs will be heard and seen. The producers tell that the subject matter of the film's story is very good, which is very new. Target name gives a target to do something in your mind and heart. But the whole team seems very happy about this project.

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