Tarun Bhati: A 19-year-old young man Running Several Companies from Venture Capital to Advertising

Jan 14 2021 10:09 AM
Tarun Bhati: A 19-year-old young man Running Several Companies from Venture Capital to Advertising

Tarun Bhati is just 19 but is the owner of three different companies. Dealing with venture capital to advertising and helping local businesses and online stores, he has become a versatile person. He started young at the age of 15 when he started running Minecraft Server just to be self-reliant. He earned a decent amount to which he further invested to embark upon his venture capital based company called Oleada Capital. The company deals with giving people different investment options against giving them stake in companies and local businesses along with the online store or any other business.

In his company Oleada Capital, he gives his clients various options for investment in several businesses and thus offer higher return of the ROI and stake in the businesses as well. From being an investor to a venture capitalist, who gives people and businesses different options to invest in this domain, he then diversified into media and digital marketing. He embarked upon an advertising platform called WinRobux, which helps people to advertise their different apps and ventures and even help them run various market research surveys to earn in the form of a game currency called Robux. Besides, his third venture is a media agency known as PriorPublic, which deals with helping people to advertise using different ads using the platform.

Besides the three, Taun also collaborated with other companies including AdGatemedia and Offertoro to display their ads and portray the surveys on his website – WinRobux. With this, he also rewards people with the said website giving them a gaming currency called Robux for every survey and offers. With his third company – PriorPublic, he deals with clients looking to promote their businesses. His future plans include taking up Oleada Capital to the next level where he intends to rope in several online exchange services in acquiring their stakes in them. While for PriorPublic we intend to collaborate with several media agencies offering the best marketing strategies with quicker results and lastly for WinRobux is to promote it using Youtube platform roping in top YouTubers. 

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