Tata, Adani Power may soon sell power on exchanges

A top source informed that the power ministry will soon allow Tata Power and Adani Power plants in Gujarat's Mundra to sell electricity on the power exchanges to help with coal and power supplies during a shortage. These 4,000-megawatt projects use imported coal but are now not operational because of a lack of compensation for the high-cost fuel.

Due to high demand, electricity prices on the Indian Energy Exchange's (IEX) day-ahead market peaked at Rs 20 per unit, the highest on power exchanges. The average price per unit was about Rs 9 in August, compared to Rs 2.95 in July. The maximum peak demand of 200 GW was observed in July 2021 and now it is hovering around 192-193 GW. Historically, the maximum demand is observed in the month of September, it added.

Gujarat buys the most from IEX, followed by Rajasthan, Punjab, and Haryana. The Centre has urged coal-fired power plants to consider importing coal to relieve the supply shortage, but they have stated that imported coal is not available off the shelf and can take up to two months to arrive once an order is placed.

The Ministry of Power will hold a meeting on Monday to settle difficulties so that power from some units may contribute to overall generation, reducing the demand for domestic coal.

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