Tata Steel made security app for employee safety from Covid-19

Recently, Tata Steel has implemented a security app at the Jamshedpur plant. Tata Steel is at the forefront of taking care of the convenience and safety of its employees. The first objective of Tata Steel in the Corona era has been to protect the employees from the danger of Corona while continuing the production smoothly. It does not want to risk the lives of its employees. This is because Tata Steel sees its manpower as its asset.

Keeping in mind the safety of its employees, Tata Steel has made the safety app effective at the Jamshedpur plant. It is being told that digital technology will be real-time tracking through quad sensing (assembly analysis). Apart from this, it has also been said to download every permanent employee on their smartphone. This app has been made available on the company's internal website. Every employee of the company will have to log in to this app from their personal number. After that, he has to fill all the information sought. He will also have to update these information every week.

If the concerned employee does not update it or does not fill it correctly then he will not get admission in the company. Before coming to the company, the system will read the employee's app and if anything goes wrong, the barrier will not arise. The purpose of this app is that the employees who are infected cannot infect other employees.

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