Taxi unions protest against the government today, problems may increase

Dec 02 2019 08:49 AM
Taxi unions protest against the government today, problems may increase

New Delhi: Recently, the Taxi Union of Delhi will take out demonstrations and foot marches on Monday in support of the increase in taxi fares and their other demands. In this demonstration, drivers of more than a dozen taxi unions of Delhi will be involved. During the protest, the driver will also take a walking march to the Mata Sundari Gurdwara Delhi Secretariat. Meanwhile, common people may have to face the problem of traffic jam on the roads.

After getting information from the sources, Sanjay Samrat, president of Delhi Taxi Tourist Transport Association, said that the taxi drivers have been demanding increase in the fares of Delhi's taxis for a long time, but their demand is not being noticed. Along with this, the work of black-yellow taxi of Delhi and all taxis of Delhi number is ending due to private companies like Ola-Uber running cabs.

At the same time, when asked, he said that along with increasing the fare, drivers are demanding that taxis should not be monitored by cameras on speed roads, MCD toll tax on taxis should be abolished, meter taxi scheme implemented Go At the same time, President of Delhi Pradesh Taxi Union Rajendra Soni said that the Taxi Policy 2017 should be implemented immediately, the Motor Vehicles Act 2019 should not be implemented right now because there are many flaws in it. The fares of black yellow and DLVRT and all app based taxis should be increased immediately and the fares of all should be made equal. Where taxis from outside states should not be allowed to run in Delhi. He said that about 14 unions of Delhi will participate in this demonstration. Meanwhile, drivers will protest against both the Delhi government and the central government.

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