TDP official spokesperson Pilli Manikya Rao leveled serious allegations against ruling YSRCP

Mangalagiri: TDP official spokesperson Pilli Manikya Rao has made serious allegations against the ruling YSRCP and advised minister Kodali Nani to check the facts. Manikya Rao said that the ruling YSRCP misused the police and official machinery to disrupt the entire election process.

Instead of learning some decency in public life, the ministers and leaders of the YSRCP were only becoming more and more vulgar and dishonest in their use of language and behaviour. In view of the criminal activities of the ruling YSRCP leaders, his party TDP had boycotted the MPTC and ZPTC elections.

YSRCP supporters attacked TDP's ex-ZPTC house. In the council elections, YSRCP leaders made inducements at more than 341 places, kidnappings at 71 places and threats at 1,085 places. TDP MLAs and former MLAs were attacked. Nomination papers were snatched at 426 places. It was a shame to democracy that out of the total 9,696 MPTCs, over 2,248 were declared 'by force' unanimously in favor of YSRCP. 125 out of a total of 652 were forcibly declared unanimously for the YSRCP.


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