Benefits of tea are few and the disadvantages are many

Tea is loved all over the world. Yes, and you can find tea junkies everywhere. There is hardly as much craze for tea as there is for anyone around the world. In fact, tea can alternatively help to reduce the effects of many physical problems and their symptoms. Today we are going to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of tea.

Benefits of drinking tea -
Recipe to reduce inflammation
Diarrhoea (diarrhoea)
Beneficial in cold, headache, cough, fever
Cleaning the kidneys

The disadvantages of drinking tea -
It is dangerous for drug eaters.
Vata is harmful to patients
Drinking tea can cause heart disease.
Tea increases acidity in the stomach.
Tea sometimes leads to drought.
Tea spoils the intestines and stomach.
Tea spoils the appetite, sleep goes away.
Never drink tea on an empty stomach.

With this, tea increases uric acid and uric acid increase the inflammation of the arthritis joints and the patients should take tea at least. It increases bone and joint pain. Drinking too much tea can cause diseases such as pain in the joints of the bones, yellowing of teeth, depression, and stress. Tea cups contain 18.13 PPM of fluoride, while according to the World Health Organization, only 1.5 PPM of fluoride is enough for health. In such a situation, it is common to complain of pain in the joints of bones due to excessive consumption of fluorosis.

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