Watch: Video of Kapil Sharma show goes viral
Watch: Video of Kapil Sharma show goes viral

Kapil Sharma's entire cast leads in the fun. Some clips of Kapil's show on social media are revealed on the day, which makes him go crazy by laughing. Now recently a video has come out which you can see. In this video, Kapil is telling that 'Today is going to be a Bollywood party on his show.' During this, Krishna Abhishek and the rest of Kapil's friends compete to join this party. At the same time, Kapil Sharma says that 'today there is a Bollywood party here, somebody.' Hearing this, Rajiv says, "Very good, I have a 3 piece suit."

To this, Kapil Sharma replied - 'Underwear, vest and handkerchief are not called 3 piece suits. Keep your mouth shut. Meanwhile, there is an entry of Krishna Abhishek and Krishna Abhishek comes in great confidence and says 'what is happening, brother.' At the same time Krishna looking at Rajiv and said- 'Hey Thakur sir, have you come back to ask for work?' On this, Krishna says, 'Archana Ji is the first artist in the industry to do 4 episodes demanding work. Kapil dude, what is going on?' Hearing this, Kapil reacted and said, 'Yes, what have you done for 4 episodes, Kapil directly from your brother?' After that Krishna says 'Hey I mean Kappu Bhaiya. How are you?' So Raju says 'I tell you what has happened - he has not arranged a Bollywood party and tell us to get out of here. So what matters?'

After this, Krishna took the side of Kappu and said- 'So the matter is made. All right, they are saying Kappu Bhaiya, get out from here Kappu Bhaiya has said it. Look, you guys get out of here, we are the people, we will manage. Then Rajiv Thakur says, 'Seeing Nirhua, whose screams come out, he will not handle the Bollywood star.' After this Kapil says 'Oh so many problems.' Now, this is the video which is becoming increasingly viral at the moment.

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