Teams, Outlook, and Azure are among the Microsoft services that are affected by an outage

USA: Users around the world, including India, are unable to access several Microsoft services including Teams and Outlook. The business announced that it was looking into the matter.

According to outage monitoring website, more than 3,900 users in our country were unable to access Teams, the well-known business communication platform. Other services offered by the company have also been affected, including Azure, Microsoft 365, Store and LinkedIn.

The outage has been attributed by Microsoft to a networking issue. "We have isolated this issue from networking configuration issues, and we are analyzing the best mitigation strategy to address these without further impact," the company tweeted.

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A problem first surfaced around 12:30 IST. There was an error, and we're recovering, read a message seen by many Teams users.

Given the severity of the outage, it appears that the server hosting the affected services is the source of the problem. All Microsoft services are hosted on the Azure cloud.

It is possible that a cloud issue is the reason for the outage of several Microsoft services. Teams, Exchange Online, Outlook, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Graph are among the services affected, according to the company.

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The total number of users affected by the outage has not been disclosed by Microsoft. According to, users in Australia, Japan, UK, US and UAE were among those affected.

During the outage, most users were unable to participate in calls, send and receive messages, or use any Teams application features. Several users took to Twitter to share related updates

Biggest outage in a while, it's gonna be. Microsoft services rarely suffer major outages of this size. The teams experienced two outages in 2021, one lasting four hours and the other two. Most of the same group of services currently affected by the first outage in March were affected.

Microsoft is currently attempting to resolve the issue. There are currently no errors according to the Microsoft 365 service status page. There is a positive message on the status page that reads, "Everything is up and running."

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The business also undoes a network change it believes was the cause of the outage. This is monitoring the effects of the rollback.

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