Tech guru Ireedui Gantogtokh aka IZ reveals the secret of being a good digital marketer

Many people say that sometimes you choose your destiny and sometimes your destiny chooses you, this is exactly what happened with Ireedui Gantogtokh aka IZ. This young man from Mongolia decided to change the course of his life by making his way to the field of digital marketing. Even as a kid he was determined to get into the world of programming and started off at the age of 12 by using his dad's computer. Today IZ has managed to build three companies titled MEBORNY LLC, KEYS.MN LLC , Mongolia. After all this shebang and fame, is it is easy to question him on what is the one secret he believes in as a digital marketer.

According to IZ, in the field of digital marketing, the most important thing is learning. Everyone should try to constantly keep growing and keep discovering innovative things. This is one rule that you abide by. Even though he was born in a world that was not ready to be a part of the digital revolution, Ireedui decided to learn English and explore the internet to learn new things.IZ's talent and skills were instantly recognised and he managed to learn more as he pursued his graduation from the Mongolian University of Science and Technology.

In fact, when he was just 18 is computer skills got him all the attention on the international front. He started to earn big bucks using his skills on websites like Fivver, Envato and more. After being a part of many successful digital marketing campaigns all over the globe he decided to give back to the world and this is the sentiment that reflects with his company Meborny LLC which promotes education amongst young computer geeks via Meborny Foundation.

IZ also likes to share his struggles on a regular podcast on Amazon, Spotify and Apple Podcast. He likes to be honest with his followers about his highs and lows in like. He also sharesa lot about his personal life on his Instagram account.You can learn more about IZ on YouTube, Facebook

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