A13 Bionic chip is equipped with modern technology, the reason for iPhones being powerful

Sep 12 2019 11:30 AM
A13 Bionic chip is equipped with modern technology, the reason for iPhones being powerful

Apple's iPhone 11 Series smartphone, the world's most popular smartphone maker, is the heart of its most powerful A13 Bionic chip, according to the company, at least two years ahead of other Android smartphones in the race for fast processors. For the past several years, this chip of Apple has been competing by itself in terms of a fast processor in the phone. The Apple A12 chipset launched last year was ahead of Snapdragon 855 in terms of performance.

Now with the A13 Bionic chip, the company has left this processor present in most Android smartphones. It is said that apart from the camera, chipset and OS, ordinary users have not received anything more from this year's iPhone. After all, what is it about the A13 that makes iPhones so powerful? Apple A13 Bionic: Why is the world's most powerful chip special? Know:

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If we talk about power efficiency then the big focus of A13 is power efficiency. The new chip uses a second-generation 7nm process. It is not only the process and transistors behind it, but the way Apple has used 4 CPU courses for daily tasks is also very important. Apart from this, the company uses another interesting technology. The company uses specific parts of the chip for specific tasks. With this, everyone is able to achieve high efficiency.

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20 percent Fast 2 performance CPU course, 30 percent less power consumption than A12

20 percent fast 4 efficiency CPU course, 40 percent less power consumption

20 percent fast GPU with 4 courses, 40 percent less power consumption

20 percent fast mural engine with 8 courses, 15 percent less power consumption

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For your information, let us know that Apple has claimed that A13 is the best machine learning platform available in any smartphone so far. The major change in this is the CPU has dedicated accelerators. With this, the most common machine learning tasks on the phone are completed.

On the surface, all these tasks are able to be 6 times faster. Overall, the CPU alone can complete 1 trillion operations in a second. A13 has a machine learning controller. With this, it becomes a fully integrated platform and can balance performance and efficiency in a better way.

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