Beginning of new Airtel 4G era in Kolkata

Aug 22 2019 10:56 AM
Beginning of new Airtel 4G era in Kolkata

A new round is beginning with the mobile revolution in the 'City of Joy' i.e. Kolkata. Kolkata City, which live the Old World Charm with its Trom, yellow taxis and British ERA buildings, has taken the Mordon upgrade with Airtel 4G service. Under the Airtel 4G services expansion plan, Kolkata has also made 4G services more efficient. For this, the company has decided to gradually discontinue 3G services, making 4G services even stronger. Existing 3G customers can upgrade their SIM to 4G for free.

For your information, the advantages of 4G networks – in the age of smartphones that are constantly smart, the network won't be the case if it's smart. Because if you want to use all the features on your smartphone, it's important that your network doesn't get better. Now for most things we're using our phones on the way. This makes smartphones smarter than the high-speed 4G network – through which the user gets good voice quality, HD video calls, social media, and new apps, video uploading and downloading, video streaming, conference calls or video chat. Personal use or office work provides strong data support for each task 4G network. That is why today the whole country and the world is using 4G. Recognizing this need for 4G service, Airtel has promoted 4G services in Kolkata.

L900 Technology- Airtel has resorted to its L900 technology in several circles with 4G in Kolkata. Like any city, there are some areas where there is a problem of weak network. This is the advantage of Airtel's L900 technology. This will help users get the benefit of the best network everywhere in the run-up to the building, basements, markets, offices, malls, or constructions that have thick walls, and solve call drops or weak network problems. The network experience of the users will be better. i.e. strong data with 4G and advantage of strong network. Airtel has given customers enough time to update their phones and SIMs to 4G before upgrading to 4G network in Kolkata. Most customers have been upgraded to 4G. Those who have not been able to update their handsets or SIMs so far are also getting the benefit of high quality voice calls. But the 4G upgrade will not affect 2G customers. While understanding the needs of feature phone customers, Airtel will continue its 2G services as before.

According to media reports, the smartphone network, Airtel 4G, now has a time of smartphone and high-speed data, where our connectivity and its speed determines the pace of our success. This is what is needed in the changing times– India's smart network Airtel – rated as the most trusted network in a variety of surveys around the world. So now Kolkata will also run the world's most trusted network, i.e. Airtel 4G.

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