Google starts investigation of data theft, Here's whole matter

Sep 10 2019 12:37 PM
Google starts investigation of data theft, Here's whole matter

In June this year, there was news about the Gmail-Calendar spam that some hackers started stealing users' data from Gmail Calendar. Which is a new way of scam, in which users hackers easily find out the login and password of users. At the same time, Google has started investigating this scam to secure the data of its users.

For your information, let us tell you that an incident of Gmail-Calendar spam came out in June in which hackers give invitations to a calendar user's schedule through Gmail, after which the transfer of the user's account is revealed. But now Google has started investigating the incident how important calendars like user's bank account and PIN number went missing. When Google got the information of this scam, it shared the post through its Calendar Help page While stating that we are investigating this incident. Google has written in the message that 'we are aware of spam occurring in the calendar and are working to solve this problem. We will remove spam soon. Along with this, Google has also included a link in its post which tells the users what to do if such an incident happens on their phone.

In its statement, Google has alerted users not to respond to event invitations from their phones, instead, from a desktop or laptop computer, reply to you by opening the desktop Google Calendar app on Any user using Google Calendar can schedule a meeting with you. Along with setting up a meeting, an e-mail notification comes in your Gmail account. Hackers hack your data through this e-mail. In this scam, hackers send calendar meeting invitations to users. Which has a link add. Along with the meeting request, a Malaysian link also exists in the email. On clicking this link, users are directed to another website from where hackers steal the login information of the users.

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