Lock your mouth for effective weight loss, help in reducing 6 kg in just two weeks

If you are also upset with obesity, don't panic, there is good news for obese people. Scientists have developed a special device that can lead to weight loss of up to six kilos in just two weeks. However, the tooth device that scientists have created has also been widely criticized on social media. The device, developed by scientists at The University of Otago in New Zealand, has been named Dental Slim Diet Control.

The device is fitted to the teeth of obese people. As soon as he puts it on, a person is unable to eat solid food and starts taking as much liquid as possible, which automatically leads to weight loss. According to a report received, when the trial took place after the device was developed, it was also successful. Within two weeks, individuals lost up to 6 kg. Those who manufacture the device say that this is a cheaper and better option than surgery for obesity.

Professor Paul Brunton, who manufactures dental slim diet control devices, said dentists can apply the device. The special thing is that it can be easily removed at any time and replanted later. Professor Paul Brunton said the use of the device will not even have any side effects on any side of the health. Dietician Cath Fauhi says it will be very fruitful for people who want to lose weight before surgery.

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