Imran's radicals attacking police, civil war situation in Pak

Islamabad: A bloody clash has erupted between supporters and police of the radical outfit Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) in its Punjab province. The conflict began when talks between the Imran government and the TLP failed. TLP is demanding the release of his party chief Saad Rizvi and the expulsion of the French ambassador.

TLP had given a two-day ultimatum to the Sunday government to suffice its demands. At the same time, it warned that the capital Islamabad would be besieged if their demands were not fulfiled. Later on Wednesday, TLP marched towards Islamabad, causing clashes between police and TLP supporters at several places. Pakistan's Home Minister Sheikh Rashid said on Thursday evening that the government is in discussions with TLP. He also spoke to the party's imprisoned chief Saad Rizvi over the phone, but no agreement has been made so far.

He said, 'In connection with talks with TLP. We are not taking steps back but they are not moving forward.' The Pak government says it is ready to accept the party's first demand, including the release of Rizvi. But We are not ready to formally expel the French ambassador.

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