5 times Tejas Dhoke stunned everyone with his astounding choreography

In this copious amount of ordinary minds, it takes efforts to a great extent to be outstanding. But the effort is just one part of the halves, the second is a creative mind. Everything unusual is cherished, even the talents. 

Tejas Dhoke is a very inventive choreographer. His jaw-dropping dance moves are the attestation of his quirky mind. A million people love to watch him and follow his dancing style. 

There were many times when Tejas with his phenomenal dancing skills ignited the Instagram platform. However, some of his videos have been a complete outliner as they generated more than a million views. 

Catch a glimpse of Tejas's prodigious choreography in his Instagram reels. It was when Tejas with his partner Ishpreet Dang grooved on the song 'Gela Gela Gela' and amassed 11M views. 

Later, they both followed the Brazilian Vibe Trend and recreated it with the Bollywood song 'Urvashi'. This reel of his became a trendsetter. 

The choreographer managed to fetch more than millions of views on the majority of dance reels in last month. Reels with Tulsi Kumar, Ishpreet Dang and Mouni Roy was a few hits of him. 

All of these Tejas's videos managed to engage the viewers because they were unique and entertaining. His peerless dance skills brought him all the success. 

The dancer has a family of more than 400K on Instagram who is always keen to hit the screens after his one post. He is truly a nonpareil dancer.

Besides being a dancer, he is also a lawyer, athlete, model and influencer. He also drives the YouTube channel "DanceFit Live" which has more than 5M subscribers. This young artist's dedication and creativity are paving his way for success.

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